Konstantin Lifschitz

"... Returning at the end to acknowledge his ovation, he began to play again the familiar prelude Number 1 in C major. It was clear why. What, two and a half hours earlier, had necessarily sounded tentative, now bloomed and pulsed in a fullness and completion of feeling. It was the most magical moment in a deeply satisfying evening."

Bryan Northcott, The Independent


09.04.17 Kaohsiung / Taiwan

mit dem Kaohsiung Sinfonieorchester

25.05.17 Podgorica / Montenegro, Grosse Halle des Montenegrinischen Nationaltheaters

mit dem Montenegrinischen Sinfonieorchester Podgorica

06.06.17 Karlsruhe / Deutschland, Hochschule Karlsruhe

Meisterklassen in der Hochschule Karlsruhe

09.07.17 Miami, FL / USA

Meisterklassen beim Miami International Piano Festival