Omsk / Russia, Philharmony


J.S. Bach: 

Prelude in C minor BWV 999

Fantasia in C minor BWV 906

Fantasia in C minor BWV 918

Prelude in C minor BWV 934

Prelude in C major  BWV933

Prelude in C major BWV924

Prelude in C major BWV943

Adagio in G major  BWV 968

Prelude in G minor BWV930

Duet III in G Major BWV 804

Prelude in G minor BWV929

Prelude in D major BWV 936

Prelude, Fuga and Allegro in E-flat major BWV998

Italian Concerto F-major BWV971


Beethoven: Diabelli variations


06/21/18 Solothurn / Switzerland

Master-Classes and Chamber Concert «Classical Highlights»

08/09/18 Musiktage Höri

9.-10. August 2018

10/04/18 Kings Place Hall One 19:30

London Piano Festival